Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My soul is waiting to become radioactive
Trying to walk through walls
Stuck in-between glass windows
Belly up like a beetle
Moving legs frantically in air
My metamorphosis- Cockroach

I await a time when feeling free
And being free are one
Until then I sit behind glass bars
Watching seeds blow in summer wind
Sucking up sun rays glorifying Horus
Daughter of Isis I and eye see me
Becoming we and I want home
I want us together on the other side

They put a bracelet on my wrist 
And told me I was queen of shit 
So I ate the chocolate cake
I produced out my rectum
And drank the water which flowed
From a tender urethra and they
Called me majesty and sought to learn
The knowledge I had acquired through
White padded isolation rooms

Stuck inside a marshmallow 
I must chew my way out
I must be freed by the angels
Who peel back firefly skies
Unravelling roads less traveled
A vision of heaven in the cold night
Underground railroads bringing together
I am free

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