Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slaughter Shapes


Black lined fingers waving wildly in air
I succumb to the science of most sacred sleep
While you place needle on record
Life's lonely lullaby lulling me gently
Laying quietly
Imagining deeply


Flowing color pounding like rain
Technicolor raindrops oozing
Wetting hair and face
Becoming limp
Bending back brilliant celestial clouds
To get a glimpse of heaven
Summer's selection

If only for a moment

I can see angles painting folklore
Knitting the fabric of lightning
Taking hard risks with thunder
Scissoring the sun into glorious
Singing out spackled rafters
In the attic of a mind that can not rest

Screaming voices

Communicating in a colored tongue of
Misunderstood pink and purple
Cross-breeding black into
Stigmatized stationary slaughter shapes
Melting together faces that bleed rainbows
Our world the angles playground
The meta of souls on fire


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memories of myself: Age 3


My soul is waiting to become radioactive
Trying to walk through walls
Stuck in-between glass windows
Belly up like a beetle
Moving legs frantically in air
My metamorphosis- Cockroach

I await a time when feeling free
And being free are one
Until then I sit behind glass bars
Watching seeds blow in summer wind
Sucking up sun rays glorifying Horus
Daughter of Isis I and eye see me
Becoming we and I want home
I want us together on the other side

They put a bracelet on my wrist 
And told me I was queen of shit 
So I ate the chocolate cake
I produced out my rectum
And drank the water which flowed
From a tender urethra and they
Called me majesty and sought to learn
The knowledge I had acquired through
White padded isolation rooms

Stuck inside a marshmallow 
I must chew my way out
I must be freed by the angels
Who peel back firefly skies
Unravelling roads less traveled
A vision of heaven in the cold night
Underground railroads bringing together
I am free

Phone Camera


Danger!: High Voltage Within
As I exit this realm I am reborn
On a rolling metal cloud
Combusting with a thunderous roar
Into the wild depth of the end of transmission
I am transmitted into heavens gate undetected

I am the serpent slithering on silver belly
Into the belly of the beast
Unquestioned and unnamed
As the steam is released with mighty force 
I am passing through as cargo
En route as the computer voice speaks of
Defect detectors in code: ".0015"

Cross checking the answers to an exam
I have yet to register for
I wonder am I safe
Will this adventure end in peril
I must phone home

Alls well that ends well 
As the breaks are released
I feel a rumble through my bones
As teeth chatter in my skull
The cradle rocks and I am nursed by the stars
Sucking soul food I am a soul lost

Looking for mother
I am orphaned alone run away
Prodigal Daughter
Chased by a past that haunts
Slave master father
Jewish temptress mother

I am running from my inheritance
Heritage Heritic Past Present Future
I am seeking I am searching I am soulful
And waiting
Watching Wormholes expand
Tricking hour eyes into celebrating
Time eternal moving ever forward to
Decrease disorder in order

Treating time as Father Mother Sister Brother
Hour eyes see through time
Exploring fact and fiction
Without friction
I am reborn