Friday, September 23, 2011

Manifestation of Visualization

A gift from heaven
Appears at the door
In an oblong tube
Encased in excitement
For what's inside
The smell of parchment and ink
Like sweet onions
Tickles my nose
As i pull the precious paper
From its sheath
Like prying a pearl
From its protective shell
I have grasped a world
Beyond my own
One i may never know
But can peek inside
As i peel apart
Each layer of heaven
To glimpse a better view
Of what may lie beyond
My manifestation of visualization

Ritual Trespass

Traversing through abandoned warehouse
Camera and paint in hand
While pigeons nest in rafters above
Territory inhabited by hobos and vagrants
Home to those seeking shelter
From rain and snow
A storage space for piss and shit
And old beer cans rusted batteries a lonely sock
Condoms strewn about the rotting floorboards
A home for passing lovers
Who have lain quietly together
In the cold dark nights to keep warm
These buildings hold decaying stories
Untold yet long remembered
By the few who dare to brave
Such weathered conditions
Unknown to most
A sanctuary decorated with
The finest art written in
Bright twisting hieroglyphs
Undecipherable to the general eye
A modern day temple of doom
Broken windows floors that creak and moan
Dirty cloth- someone's bed
A backpack covered in newspaper
Dates back to the year of our lord 2009
Haphazardly nestled in a dark corner
I dare not disturb what has come before
Respecting all that has been
I light a candle as humble offering
While preparing mixed paints
To add my mark
To the lonely walls that cry
Leaking tears onto the floor
As if to cleanse them of their filth
Mixing water with dirt it becomes
A cake of mud for the bugs to eat
I am honored to stand and see
Such tender movement of the
Walls which water naturally
Spraying paint as homage
To the tears of this building
Lost amid the wreckage
Of a city's forgotten memory
I kneel and pray these walls
One day may topple with dignity
A memorial to all who have come before
My ritual trespass a small devotion