Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

I miss and love you all

*Teen Witch and Safari,

I love you both very much, you were both extremely inspiring in helping give me the courage to speak out on my own. I honestly don't know where I would be or what I would have done without you two, so thank you. I am so glad I have the opportunity to be in this show with you as you have been my point of inspiration. Yeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

* if you ever read this please contact me. i miss you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Trici and Maryam and all my grrrls still in jail

Let's take this to another dimension
Beyond their comprehension
I'm talkin' bout 4th realm ascension
To the absence of tension

The five-0 be the 666
And Love be in the KKK
Ain't talkin bout the klan of hate
I'm talkin bout a chance to liberate

So to all my grrrls behind bars
The world's turned up-side-down
Hope and love surround our stars
Just free your mind to the divine

They can't take our hearts!

The "Justice" System Blows

I can hardly believe my old cellmate will have been in jail for one year next month due to a petty theft charge!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is about spreading love
Divine Mercy
Declaring Identity
Waking up to Reality
Recognizing Humanity
Breaking silence
I say to you 
I am that woman
This is about spreading love
Your negativity being 
An exercise in futility 
Living within selective memory
I rise above
This is about spreading love
Remembering tender loins
Loins of sorrow and of pain
Stress of loins in prisons 
Loins of warrior queens
Unclothed, naked, bleeding life’s marrow
Giving birth to tomorrow
When the sun has yet to shine today
Black as my insides
Wearing them outside
Cloaked in anger black as sin
I am that NGH that bitch that criminal
Outcast and invisible
Seeking to pierce hearts of stone
Facing demons of the past
Is not easy alone
So where my negas at?
I am that silence waiting to be heard
This my declaration of doubt and despair
That is caused by the duality and dichotomy
Of definitive absolutes of which
I demand change!
I demand the karmic wheel of life
Be recognized instead of stigmatized 
It has been perverted and traumatized
Subverted while we remain hypnotized
By a symbol
A broken cross
Time to wake up and face reality
God is dead at the hands of humanity
All that remains is the commodity 
Slaves of addiction there is no sympathy 
Imprisoned by image
Am I still free to imagine
Truth at the heart of a body
Any body
All hearts bleed red
Yet there is a shortage of blood
From lack of circulation stimulation excitation provocation
This is about spreading love
So go on, break the silence
Declaring identity is not a felony
I say to you
I am that jew I am that cunt I am that queer 
Undesirables chained by fear
Break the cycle break the chain
Break the fear and break the pain
Nows the time for liberation
Within self-actualization 
Awaken every nation
Worldwide revelation
Ending all discrimination

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rise and Liberation

We can not "Look Away." We must look to the past to learn from our mistakes. We must look to the future as a new beginning. We must break the silence and be heard. Trying to break the bonds that divide us, ready to burst in all directions...
ready to be freed
at last