Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Where I stand

 Rooted in resplendent rapture
A lightning rod
To the descending tempest
Twirling and swirling 
 Unfurling sovereign southern symphonies

 With witchy wisdom working

Whinter's whild whistling whestern whinds
Like big brass bassoons belowing
From mighty crags and cumulus cages
Perpetually protruding - towering toward 
A celestial sea of silken sky

Studiously seeking such succulent sorcery 

Neatly nestled betwixt
 Stratosphere and mesosphere
Unleashing unrestrained umbrae
Shade seeking solace solely in shadow

Bone weary Apollo bending backward
Beckoning Diana home from her hunt
Offering love's lonely laurel crown
 Perched in Daphne's petrified yet
Delicate diaphanous dimension



Where I stand

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