Friday, July 8, 2011

Mind Matter Sprouts Substance

 Every thought I have fostered has been germinating through centuries of forgotten peoples populating the earth's freak show to create a circus within the present. A precarious juggling act, Atlas shrugged, and what is dropped today shall be picked up for tomorrow's primordial soup. The future sparkles within the rays of earth's sunshine, spitting up glass mirrors, windows to jump through....


Toward eyes so bright
 Beacons in the dark
Like a fly circling shit
I am drawn to light
Drawn to my negative
Glowing silver in the dark

My tongue is coming in
And my voice a foreign sound
Taste buds blooming inside
A rotting cavern of decomposing words

Mouth of shit 
Stench so strong it tears down walls
Revealing food for thought

Sweet, sweet energy divine 
Let me be so lucky 
As to lick your skin
Realizing your sticky-sweet
Sugar soaked skin
Tastes of salt and vinegar

Stinging my tongue like acid
I retreat in search of alkaline
To sustain my blood

Blood red as wine
Flesh of my flesh
Why dost thou betray me

Bitting the apple - not the first sin 
But lusting for the scarlet gem 
Hung upon the tree of life
Smelling the fruit pulled from limbs
Ripe and ready to burst
You thirst

And with the bite of life comes the prick of death

Mourning the son while birthing the moon
 Crying lakes of fiery tears 
Spitting flame and bleeding poison out your veins
Placing band-aids on wounds in need of stitches
Your pipes so rusted they bleed gold

Diamonds are rocks that blind from rainbow-rays
And now all that is seen is black
A coal mine covered in soot
Blood diamonds exchanged for caged birds that sing

A world coated in darkness, how, you ask,
Were you to know to run when everyone was 
Stuck in hot tar sidewalks 

Asphalt and plastic
Concrete and glass
Metal machine monsters
Without home

Desolate disturbed despair 

I can not sleep among the wreckage of Atlantis
A lost city of forgotten dreams
Sparkling within the crystal globe
Of glittering guts and glory

Glory hallelujah!
The Saints are marching in
Machine gun marching in
Father Son and Holy Ghost

Gunning them down
Women and children
Gunning them down

While they blow bubbles 
And bake bread, burping
Their babies until they turn blue

Mouse on house let all the rats in
Until the city was over-run with vermin
And I am sick
I am sick
Dope sick

Breathing combustible carbon
You like to equate with power
Throwing up neon lights
In patterns of blue yellow green purple and red
And orange

Code orange, to liberate hate,
Throwing up orange out my eyes ears nose
Mouth fingers and toes
Till it soaks my heart and filters through
My mind toward the unknown dimension
Of time eternal

Infinite jest
I will never know the jokers face for he is 
Forever changing
Peeling off masks to reveal
A mirrored reflection of myself

Don't Look Back

Heaven and hell on earth
The Saints are marching in!

Into the sparkle of glittering eyes 
Darkness and light
Cockroaches trailing through shit to pave the way
A field of orange blossoms left behind

Heaven or hell on earth

You decide....

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