Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rhapsody in Gray

stop screaming at me
in ways i'll never understand
your empty flashes of lost noise

shatter my silence with the
spice of words coated
in sweet surrender to the
everlasting nothing -

my clit is aroused with a burning curiosity 
stimulated by a fire i let too close to my retinas
branding my eyelids with acid rain
i shed poisoned tears for your lost soul

read between the lines

there is no way to lose
there has never been
anything left to gain

i can not tell the difference
between mental and real

escaping distance
escaping nirvana
upon eternal quest
i am not my own

i am held fast in nocturnal mind's
eye spy

captivating notions of
-all begin in heaven
so all must end in hell-

myriads of infinite jest
prance through my skull
out of order

time like an arrow
swift and steady
ready to make its mark
ready to explode in brilliant color
across the waves of an endless void
of empty space 
is lost

now fast forward time to dream deranged

no more black and white

forever falling down the pothole manhole rabbithole blackhole

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